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Real Name : Maryann
Penguin Name: Lady Maryann (Aug 7 2007)
Gender: Female
Age Range: 13-15
Country: Philippines
Continent: Asia

Penguin Color: Red
Oldest Pin: Butterfly
Clothing Item: Flashlight (Red Viking Hat is close Second!)
Game: Puffle Roundup coz i get so many coins! Like 4,200-4,600 in 10minutes!
Fave Party (so far): Fall Fair in September 2007
Activities: Scavenger Hunt and Decorating My Igloo
How Many Puffles: Just 2. Greeny (green) & Pinky (pink) ;-)
How Often Do you Go On CP? Almost Everyday. I miss CP if I miss a day ;-)
Goes On This Flag:
Goes On These Servers: Anywhere but usually Blizzard & Snow Angel
Fave Room on CP: Pet Shop and My Igloo
Buddies in CP: Queen Solita (my real life sister), Jazriel, YouJhun, Speek, Joycin123, Cg7mv7, Panpap, Bestpl8er, Spoil Pink, LDSpiky, Pochoma, Popster 212, Sir Spice and many more! ;-)

Likes & Raves: Watermelons, Shrimps, Nice People, Blogging, Photo Editing, Tweaking anything! Puffles! Cats! ;-)
Dislikes & Rants: Monkeys coz they are violent, vegetables, rude people hmph!
Funny/Quirky Things: I have to put on my LEFT socks first. i never wear my RIGHT socks first. But I am right-handed. Weird huh? ;-)
Others: I am good at Photo tweaking, Net Surfing, Writing, Math, Debate, Vocabulary. I am terrible in History
Joke, Poems, Stories:
Q. What's the difference between Prince William and a Boogey?
A. Well, Prince William is HEIR to the THRONE while a Boogey gets THROWN in the AIR! jk! hehehe;-)

OTHER IMAGES: Exclusive Celebrity Partayyyyy!

menarii rock your socks! ~lady maryann~

hey!! First comment!! : )

can i be your friend on clubpenguin
go on half pipe
on july 25
meet me at the ice berg
my name is oprah noodle

awesome! i am left handed

please be my buddy at cp meet me at rocky road server at the town at 3 October and you chose the time and comment it please

is that a diffrent website in the picture if so how do you get to it or is it just an edit

oh, your from the philippines? huh? don't remove this, i have over 40 cousins in the philippines, i'm sorta third spanish, third english and third filipino!

Can we meet on Club penguin some time?

hello im joshualan10

im a filipino too

please go to my youtube acc

i want to become ur buddy

do u have a yahoo messenger? please reply at my youtube

awesome can i be a post my penguin is 3jel97 my site is just post so we can meet and we have a conversation!!

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