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Real First Name: Mega
Penguin Name: Mega Dude1 (Nov 7 2006)
Gender: Male
Your Age: 13-15
Country: USA
Continent: North America
Email: private. Email me via CPCrazy

Penguin Color: Black
Oldest Pin: Pumpkin
Clothing Item: 3-D Glasses
Game: Cart Surfer
Fave Party (so far): April Fools Day '08
Activities: Iceberg Tipping, Chatting with Buddies
How Many Puffles: 000 (all ran away)
How Often Do you Go On CP? Once or Twice a Day
Goes On This Flag: USA
Goes On These Servers: Fjord, Big Foot, Mammoth
Fave Room on CP: Iceberg
Buddies in CP: Sand Flipper, Jojoguy10, Goofy73, Sparkforever, U Fride Just to Name A Few

Likes & Raves: PEZ Dispensers, Disney World, PIE!
Dislikes & Rants: Barney the Dinosaur, Talking Ponies, Evil Monkeys
One Word That Best Descibes You: Clown-ish
Fave Motto/Blast: I Don't Suffer from Insanity... I Enjoy Every Minute of It!
Funny/Quirky Things About You: I Can Ride A Unicycle and Juggle AT THE SAME TIME! (LM says: wish i could do that!)
Others (Talents, Hobbies, Sports etc): Balloon Animal Making, Baseball, Pretending to be Cool (LM: i can make a balloon dog! ;-) oh! i think you're cool. holding the crowd's attention like that is a major talent!)

U ROCK! (LM: yeah! NOT hahaha ;-)

Mega Dude1 is Caspian

menari i rock your socks! ~lady maryann! menariaround

zrWow,That Is Coolio,1 THing Though,Can U Take My e-mail off?i put on it that i wanted it private,Thanks.

it's deleted ;-) you're welcome. ;-)

Whoa, That Dude Rocks!
(and i'm not sayin that because im him)

(no im not really him)I WISH I WAS!

oh gosh! It's Mega Dude! What r we gonna do!!!!??? aaaaah!!! jkjk that's how its always been though.


my b-day is november 7

hey i love your cp blog its awsome!!! hbu check out mine.....


come and visit and leave a comment... Can u add me to your blogroll plz....


he he thats cool you made your penguin on my birthday

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