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Real Name : Goof
Penguin Name: Goofy73 (Dec 11 2006)
Gender: Male
Age Range: 10-12
Country: United States of America
Continent: North America

Penguin Color: Dark Blue
Oldest Pin: Camp Fire, it's old, i know!
Clothing Item: Friendship Bracelet
Game: Puffle Roundup
Fave Party (so far): Medieval Party - May 2008
Activities: Hanging out with buds!
How Many Puffles: 2! i had like 12 but i let them run away on purpose, i know kinda cruel but they were costing alot!! (LM says: i did that too :-()
How Often Do you Go On CP? Almost omg like all the time! everyday!
Goes On This Flag: U.S.
Goes On These Servers:
Fave Room on CP:
Buddies in CP: i have so many! kimberrley1, sparkforever, spark6782, chucksmi, chuckleloo, tafantic, sand flipper, mega dude1, kanyewest, i have so many more and i didn't mention you, im sorry just theres like alot!

Likes & Raves: monkeys! sorry lady m i know you dislike them but they are so cute! and i love animals, sports! gymnastics, i know im a boy who does gymnastics, but it rocks! (LM: it rocks to be a boy gymnast)
Dislikes & Rants: ummm people who are mean to me and/or other people
One Word That Best Descibes You: Weird! (LM: I think AWESOME fits you better ;-))
Fave Motto/Blast: Whoo! or Hehe!
Funny/Quirky Things: im very energetic! im funny! and i love being like crazy!
Others: wow! gymnastics! really, i could do a round off back-handspring! basketball, baseball, football, soccer, dancing, drawing, clubpenguin, my website, computer, and checking out other peoples blogs, like lady maryann's which happens to be awesome! (LM: why thank you!)
Joke, Poems, Stories:
knock knock!
who's there?
interrupting cow!
interrupting cow who?
while saying that go "moo!"

you rock! your website rocks! go Club Penguin Crazy! =D (LM: Thanks!)

This is my Funny Pic

menarii rock your socks! ~lady maryann~menari

aww thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're friend goofy73!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you just made my day and you gave me a birthday present! my birthday is in 4 days!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOFY73!!! Ya and you still didn't add me! :( Goofy is cool,yet! He didnt add me! I still can't believe it! It almost ruined my day! :( at least I got to say hi to Mimo777 that day!

peace <3 :D

Ah yes! I made that post a long while back! Well, one thing, I love that joke! It has my nickname in it! :D Mooo!


thats my oldest pin the fire place

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