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Real Name: Eddie
Penguin Name: Pen Flippy (234 days old, can you work that out as a date maryann? cheers)(LM says: of course! im a math wiz hehehe you were born October 12 2007)
Gender: Male
Age Range: 13-15
Country: Australia
Continent: Australia? lol (there's a debate of.. Is Australia the biggest island or smallest continent?)(LM: Id go for smallest continent. wanna fight this out outside? hehehe)
Email: >private< style="font-weight: bold;">

Penguin Color: Blue
Oldest Pin: Spider
Clothing Item: Yellow party hat and fiesta poncho (hate the sambrerro!)
Game: Puffle Roundup definitely. Pretty boring but eas-a-y to get coins
Fave Party (so far): Sub-marine! (awesome yellow snorkel was a free item and this odd belt thing)
Activities: Decorating igloos and tipping parties.
How Many Puffles: Only 2! i had one of each colour but they all ran away! Once the hard times had passed i went and bought 2 yellow puffles! Maryann and Jeremy. LOL! (LM: awwww!)
How Often Do you Go On CP? Pretty much daily.
Goes On This Flag: U.S. and Australia.
Goes On These Servers: Blizzard, Mammoth, South Pole, Big Surf and Down Under.
Fave Room on CP: Pet Shop, thats where i earn my coins, buy my pets and buy some furniture! best room ever!
Buddies in CP: Ok i got 95, id be here all night to name them all but here's some! Lady Maryann, Bike boy96, Straw000, Chuckleloo, Concerns1234, Delpiro, Ice Vampiro, Fab flower, Kz moo, Mishmash215, Mc Vipa, Mycatcartmen, Pandadicto, Sand flipper, Snow dobby 2, Sereena25, Steliosboy1, Weamer, Zoezoe11 and tonnes more cool friends!

Likes & Raves: cookies, dogs, lemurs (LOL), friends, food (pizza and coke!)
Dislikes & Rants: Shellfish (I'm allergic, long story) spinach and cats (sorry Merry ant, I know you like em but one scratched me so hard that i was bleeding... waaaaa, now i got a scar)
Funny/Quirky Things: I love watching ads on T.V more than the actual programs! :D
Others: I'm nearly a straight A student, except for maths and science (Im not good with technology, something i'm sure everyone knows quite well)(LM: oh yeah dont i know it! but good job on the other subjects!)
Best Joke ever: 2 peanuts were walking home...
one was a salted. BAH HA HA HA HA!!!! (LM: wahaha!)
Flippy song:(LM: i got my own version of this song hehehe)
Wippee Wippee, i'm pen flippy,
Yippee yippee, Glad am I.
Wippee Wippee, i'm pen flippy,
Yippee yippee, My, Oh My.
Awesome Story: How do you get out of a room with no windows and no doors and only a table?
Bang your head against the wall until it gets sore (saw),
Saw the table in half, 2 half's make a whole (hole),
Climb through the hole and out into the open.
Scream until your voice gets hearse (horse),
hop on the horse and ride away!


menari i rock your socks! ~lady maryann~menari

Pen Flippt sounds like a really cool penguin!

Peace love happiness

oh and that live traffic thing creeps me out a little! I know it has nothing to do with Pen Flippy but when I saw my city I started freaking out! LOL!

peace <3 :D



This site rocks!!!!

lady maryann how do u do that advertise here & slum book & stuff like that?plz tell me on my blog

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